What Others Say About Pool I.Q.

What people say about Pool I.Q. & Little Joe...

"Joe's DVD is exceptional in the way it not only shows you how to make a three rail kick shot, but it also gives you the tools to adapt his system to any possible 3 rail shot, 2 rail, or 1 rail with much more certainty than other DVD's or "systems" I've worked with before.  As others have said already, Joe is not only very knowledgeable, but he stands behind his training.  I personnally have shot with him since buying the DVD, and have seen first-hand his knowledge at work. As well as a glimpse of the next installment.

Joe,  I look forward to shooting with you more in the future and am especially looking forward to the next DVD.  Thank you for your dedication to the game and passing on some of the tools you took the time and effort to develop."- iasaxman (519745), azbilliards.com


“I’ve known Joe for quite a while now & he is genuinely thrilled when people benefit from what he teaches...he's gives so much to the local players & those that buy his DVDs.

Here's another example of Joe's giving nature...Joe has asked me to demonstrate how his 2-rail kicking system works...right here on AZB. I am CONFIDENT that you will be highly-motivated to seek out his coaching or DVDs after this... " mosconiac (2821324), azbilliards.com

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"I had the good fortune to meet Lil Joe, he showed me kindness. He ran me through several drills. After drilling and having a lengthy conversation I purchased his DVD set. After watching and practicing, my skill has improved greatly. Joe asked me if I had this information back when I began playing competitively, how good did I think I would be? I answered enthusiastically that I would have an excellent game today. His method and teachings are excellent. I would recommend this process to anyone I know. Joe thank you very much sir, I hope to show you a major improvement in the future." - Ryan Royce, Facebook

"I took a lesson from Joe a few months back Bought both the DVDs. This system works great. And there is a lot more where that came from. His "extended Diamond" on 3 railers is great. And the Cue Ball Control on the other DVD is awesome." - soulcatcher (2828240), azbilliards.com


"Joe is a very nice person and has a great approach when teaching pool. Everyone should have the Pool I.Q DVD series to advance their game. Powerful !!!" - Brandon White, Whites Pro Billiards, Corbin, Ky, Facebook