Pool I.Q. Instructional DVD Sets


Little Joe's Instructional Sets

Releasing his third billiards instructional DVD in early 2018, Little Joe has established a reputation as one of billiard’s premier instructors. His first two DVDs walks through kick shots and cue-ball control, while his third release is a two-DVD set that takes you to the next level of cue ball control as well as many specialty shots. These pool instructions will take your game to the next level as you learn easy techniques.


Volumes 1 & 2

The first DVD utilizes an easy-to-follow clock system plus some simple graphs while doing an effective job of teaching you where the cue ball is going on all kick shots. 

Volume 2 in this series that holds the more widely sought-after knowledge. How & at what angle your cue ball departs from your intended object ball are at the core of all advanced pool. In Volume 2, Joe reprises the clock system he introduced in Volume 1, adds instruction concerning the tangent line, then shows you how to combine the two. That combination is not particularly difficult and you’ll see advances in your game quickly. Joe gets able assistance in these DVDs from members of the Behnke family (Jerry, Adam, Ryan, Chad, Levi and Margie), many of whom have benefited from his instruction and risen to the top of the amateur circuit.


Volume 3: Three Days With Little Joe

 “Three Days with Little Joe” is the third pool instructional volume release. With the help of Bill Hughes, Little Joe guides you through the next level of cue ball control from position play to breaking up clusters and avoiding obstructions. You’ll also be introduced to specialty shots as this set brings you about five hours of instruction. Your pool table game can only get better with more knowledge. 

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